Pastoral Advisory Council

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Pastoral Advisory Council

Per the Archdiocesan Council Handbook:
The Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC) collaborate with the pastor or administrator and serves as the primary pastoral planning body for the parish. Consultative and advisory, its members are selected to advice the pastor on practical matters to advance the faith life of the parish and further the mission of the Church, to bring all people to know and love and serve God and one another. Pastoral planning is successful to the extent that it encourages and helps people to grow in love for God and live lives for others.

Michael Bergmann
Tom Curtin
Judy Kittel
Nancy McAuliffe
Erin Newton
Deb Wainwright
Tom White
Fr. John Patrick Riley – Staff Liaison
Ron Simonis – Staff Liaison

The Pastoral Advisory Countil meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday

For more information, please email

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