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Volunteers give over 20,000 hours a year to our daily programs; Advocates lend us their voices, their networks, and their knowledge to raise awareness in our community; Donors provide monetary and material donations each year that we distribute directly to our community to ensure the stewardship of our gifts; and right now, our community needs your support more than ever.

13244203_1337638709585240_2835216464549586458_oBuilding upon the strong foundations of a parish focused on service and outreach, we aim to enhance our impact on the community through enriched programming and more sustainable forms of development. Our greatest hope is that you and yours will find great value in supporting this mission. Thank you in advance for sharing our vision.

There is a giving opportunity for everyone in our community! Whether it’s a can of green beans or $100,000, the value is immeasurable to those you help. Let us help you find a giving option that fits perfectly!!

Time is one of the greatest gifts that you can give. Volunteers might assist at our hygiene closts in our morning hospitality center, sort clothes in the afternoons, or host an entire meal in the evenings. Whatever your time committment might be, there is likely a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

Got email? Have a Facebook account? How about a network of people that might listen to what you have to say?? Advocating can be as simple as texting a few friends or as comprehensive as hosting an awareness fair, so there is bound to be something that you can do to help us spread the word about what we do!


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