Red Doors Retreat

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Red Doors Retreat


Spend a Day of Service and Reflection with Our Neighbors in Downtown Portland

When you see poverty and homelessness among so many people in our community, do you struggle to understand or feel helpless about how to respond? Does your faith or spirituality urge you to explore these realities more deeply? We invite you to spend a day in service and discussion about the poverty in our community and in our own lives and hearts.  The Red Doors Retreat is an opportunity to become more mindful about poverty in its many forms, begin to break down barriers which often separate us from “the other,” and to learn more about ways to serve our neighbors in downtown Portland.
How you will spend the day:
  1. Gather with other retreatants for an overview of the day and to share any hopes or questions you might have.
  2. Volunteer in St. André Bessette Parish’s hospitality center welcoming guests, working in the kitchen, serving a meal, providing clothing and hygiene kits, or assisting in the foot care program.
  3. Take a walking tour of other service agencies in the neighborhood, including the Macdonald Center and Bud Clark Commons.
  4. Participate in discussion, guided reflection and prayer

To register for the retreat or to learn more

email or call 503-228-0746 x113

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