FYC: A Mini-Home Away From Home

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For Your Consideration | August 27, 2014

FB - MiniHome

One of ten shelters on wheels built by Gregory Kloehn and the Homeless Homes Project in Oakland, California

Welcome back! It’s the final week of our summer series! Which means that today marks the official end of our 2014 “For Your Consideration” offerings. We hope that you’ve enjoyed them – learned from them, pondered them – and will join us again in the upcoming months for other thought provoking mini series. And don’t forget to visit our Facebook Page to reply to the series posts directly. But before we conclude…

We end this journey where it all begins – once again, with homes. This time, it covers it all: It involves recycling! It involves mini-homes! It is the most Portland-ey possible approach (albeit created by our California neighbors to the south) to ensuring that everyone on the margins of society has someplace safe to sleep.

Gregory Kloehn, an artist based in Oakland, CA is using his creative know-how to make cozy, colorful homes on wheels for those that need someplace safe and warm to sleep at night. Kloehn explains: “Each home is made from items found on the street, pallets, doors, refrigerator parts, paint, etc…. The only cost to me is screws, nails, glue and the gas it takes me to drive around Oakland and find the stuff on the street. I guesstimate each home to to cost $30-$50.” Kloehn tackles each mini-home with a team of volunteers. The homes are then delivered to their new owners, often times with a bottle of bubbly (the non-alcoholic variety is available) for a traditional housewarming.

On their website, the team describes their work as “an asymmetrical approach to modern living where collective ideas, good will, and basic construction skills unite to repurpose the abundance of everyday garbage into viable living spaces.” ……Does it get any better than that?

Read the full article HERE.

Learn more about the Homeless Homes Project HERE.

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