FYC: Just Say Hello

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For Your Consideration | July 2, 2014

WEB - Just Say Hellpo

Photos and bios of those folks you might meet with just a “hello”

Hello! Hi! Howdy! And welcome back to our summer series looking at considerate ways in which we engage those that suffer on the margins of society. And today’s is perhaps the most basic form of engagement of all…

The simple act of saying HELLO: Facing Homelessness is an organization out of Seattle, WA that is committed to “building a new awareness about our relationship to homeless.” Their campaign, “Just Say Hello,” encourages others to consider their own interactions with those on the margins of society: “We can begin by simply acknowledging those suffering, trusting that we are all the same, all wanting to love and be loved. When we take the time to listen to another person’s journey, we begin the process of turning a stranger into a friend and opening our compassion for another human being.”

Who did you pass on the street today? Did you say hello? Get out there and do some talking!

Learn more about the “Just Say Hello” campaign, as well sa viewing an incredible gallery of images and biographies HERE.

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