FYC: A Helping of Humanization

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For Your Consideration | June 18, 2014


Narayanan Krishnan shopping for food supplies in Madurai, India

Welcome to the second in our series to highlight the considerate ways in which we engage those that suffer on the margins of society. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page to reply to the series posts directly. Enjoy!

Today, we take a look at some creative & considerate approaches to hunger. So grab a cup of coffee, share your table with a friend, and read on…

It is estimated that an astounding 842 million people around the world will not have enough to eat today. And yet, the simply act of sharing food with one another can be one of the most humanizing of all – as long as there is food to share. The über-inventive folks below followed through on some pretty incredible acts:

We start in India, where Narayanan Krishnan an award-winning chef on his way to a new job in Switzerland, was taken back by what he saw in the streets around him: mental illness, homelessness, extreme poverty, hunger… destitution. With an incredible desire to serve, he took his culinary skills to a whole new arena. And now, just over 10 years later, he has served up over 1.2 million meals. Read Narayanan’s story on CNN’s “Heroes” Series HERE.

Back home, a similar desire to serve brought together two unlikely partners: internet-prankster Greg Benson and “Prank it Fwd”. The duo surprised the entirely unsuspecting meal-time guests of Ascencia Homeless Shelter by transforming their hospitality center into a five-star restaurant. The endeavor brings out smiles and tears alike, with a truly dignifying effect on everyone there. Watch the whole thing play out HERE.

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