Volunteer Guidelines & Expectations

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Volunteer Guidelines & Expectations

With gratefulness for the dedication of our volunteers, we foster a safe and peaceful environment for both our guests and volunteers. Everyone adheres to the Volunteer Rules and Guidelines set forth by Saint Andre Bessette to ensure everyone’s safety and to provide the best possible services to our guest.

Dress Attire: Volunteers and Staff are required to asked to wear closed-toe shows and dress modestly with clothing for the church and our guest. Any type of clothing that can be considered evocative or provocative or overly revealing is never allowed while serving at Saint Andre Bessette. More specifically, clothing exclusions are as follows:

  • No Yoga pants, skinny jeans are okay as long as your shirt covers the back of your jeans.
  • No Open-toed shoes of any kind (including sandals, thongs, flip flops, etc…).
  • No tank tops, sheer blouses, low cut shirts, bare midriffs or halter tops.
  • No Pajama bottoms or pants in the style of pajama bottoms.
  • No Clothing with offensive language or gestures such as profanity, nude pictures or suggestive cartoons.
  • No Clothing with derogatory works, gang colors, or other offensive or disrespectful content.
  • No Undergarments worn over regular clothing.
  • No pants sagging, all pants shall be worn on your waist.

If the dress code is not met, then service at St. Andre Bessette will not be allowed.

Arrival for Morning Hospitality: So that we can adequately prepare for our morning services as well as opening our doors in a timely fashion, please arrive NO LATER THAN 9AM. Someone will be able to let you in the Church as early as 8:30am. This will allow us to figure out assignments for the day and to begin opening circle by 9:10AM. Opening circle should conclude by 9:25AM.

During Morning Hospitality: If your task involves the use of walkie-talkie, please be sure to pick one up after opening circle. If you are serving food, PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS AND WEAR GLOVES. All volunteers need to wear or have gloves on their person in the event of an emergency.

  • When interacting with our guests, please make use of the nametags and call them by name.
  • Please do not give out any personal information to guests such as phone numbers, email, etc.
  • Please do not accompany our guests to any off site locations.
  • If you encounter a guest who seems to be in some kind of distress (emotional or physical) immediately notify a staff member.
  • If you observe any drugs, alcohol, or weapons, please immediately notify a staff member. Similarly, if you witness any threatening behavior among the guests, please inform a staff member.
  • If you experience any behavior from a guest that makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable, PLEASE leave the situation immediately AND inform a staff member right away.

If there is an interruption during Morning Hospitality that involves violence, please shelter in the kitchen. Even if a staff member has not asked for an evacuation, it is never wrong to head to the kitchen and close the door once all volunteers are inside. Volunteers safety is of the upmost importance in these situations. If you are the 2nd floor hospitality, please shelter in the restroom.

If a staff member informs you of a potential hostile exit, please be prepared to seek a place to shelter immediately. Please DO NOT congregate in the hallways, or block the exit of the hostile guest(s).

If there is a situation that requires a full evacuation, please make a quick exit down the stairs by the elevator OR down the stairs at the exit door near the Announcer station.

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