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Volunteer Stations at Saint Andre Bessette 

Hosting  This task invites volunteers to welcome guests while learning their names and create a name tag for them. This allows a natural flow of individuals into the Hospitality Center which also gives volunteers a chance to put a name to the faces of our guests which restores dignity.

Hallway Hospitality –  This task invites volunteers to extend hospitality to guests in the upstairs foyer, while ensuring restrooms are safe for everyone and free of drug paraphernalia or alcohol containers.

Coffee Server(s) –  This task invites volunteers to be the first face guests see in the Hospitality Center. Guests drinks are made-to-order. The options are coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Each guest may receive up to 2 spoons of sugar.

Kitchen – This task invites volunteers to help with the behind-the-scenes work of the food portion of our Morning Hospitality Program.

Hygiene  This task invites volunteers to help guests have their basic need of healthy hygiene met. Guests are welcome to receive use of the hygiene closet once every 7 days.

Announcer – This task invites a volunteer to use the microphone and invite guests by first name to receive the service they signed up for, and direct them to the appropriate location.

Runner  This volunteer assists other volunteers and staff by collecting lists from the Front Office throughout the morning and delivering them to the appropriate people at their stations (Announcer, Hygiene, Clothing Closet, Foot Care, Hair Cuts, and Packs & Bags).

Hospitality Center Busser – This task invites volunteers to help bus tables and bring dishes to the kitchen, while visiting with guests and sharing the spirit of hospitality.

Clothing Closet – This task invites volunteers to welcome guests into our Clothing Closet and assist in our guests shopping experiment. Guests may receive clothing once every 30 days.

Art Program – This task invites volunteers to partake in the opportunity for guests to have a safe, healthy and expressive outlet. Volunteers are in charge of setting up and cleaning the Art Room, as well as assisting guests in finding different art materials. Volunteers also help monitor the neighboring Peace Room.

Basement Hallway Hospitality – This station invites a volunteer to be another welcoming face in the basement. The goal is to help direct guests to the various services in the basement (Clothing Closet, Foot Care, Art Room, Healing Touch, Haircuts, etc.)

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